Pre-Christmas 2009

It takes a lot of preparation to get ready for Christmas!

Most importantly, we need to write lists!

Amelia wants:

  • A puppy (stuffed, because a live one might poo poo or tee tee in Santa’s sleight
  • Lip gloss (well, just because Siena does)
  • Stickers (I think because she was looking at stickers when I asked here what else she wants)
  • PJs (for her [stuffed] puppy Chamois)
  • Coins…gold coins specifically (because she takes after Daddy)
  • Shinies (again, something on the table)
  • Paper…white specifically (to offset the request for gold coins)

Siena wants:

  • Lip gloss (because she loves lip gloss)
  • Lips (did I mention she loves lip gloss? We think “lips” is the form of lip gloss known as “chap stick”)
  • Puppy dog (because sister wants one. Again, only requesting “stuffed” because of the lack of facilities on the sleigh.)
  • Candy (because she takes after both Mommy and Daddy)
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