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The Power of Retail – “Bigirlpanties”

This time of year, the stores pull out all the stops. Somehow it works. Their powers of persuasion convince us that we need that new super sonic toothbrush cleaner, that revolving tie rack or that cell phone charging, mp3 playing, weather reporting blender and bottle opener dohickie on the catalog cover. We all know that kids are especially susceptible, but I never thought I’d be able to harness that power to my own advantage.

The other day the four of us were enjoying a fun and exciting trip to our local Super Walmart during the height of Christmas shopping season (we sure do know how to have a good time). Siena and I parked ourselves in one spot with the shopping cart while Beth and Amelia braved the stampedes. Turns out, we parked right in front of the little girl panties. Siena couldn’t resist the tempting titillation before her eyes, Dora, Disney Princesses, Sponge Bob, Flowers…a virtual toddle panacea of high fashion.

But, alas, Siena doesn’t have a place in her wardrobe yet for big girl panties. Well, that is not going to last apparently. After coming to understand that only big girls who use the potty can wear big girl panties, Siena has now completely dedicated herself to mastering the art of the toilet. She went right home that afternoon, started using the potty and demanding to be clothed in “bigirlpanties”. So far so good, only a few small accidents and a lot of very dry diapers in the trash….ok, well there was one rather large #2 accident that Amelia went to investigate and then promptly turned and fled from, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. The end of the Dark Ages are drawing near!

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Pre-Christmas 2009

It takes a lot of preparation to get ready for Christmas!

Most importantly, we need to write lists!

Amelia wants:

  • A puppy (stuffed, because a live one might poo poo or tee tee in Santa’s sleight
  • Lip gloss (well, just because Siena does)
  • Stickers (I think because she was looking at stickers when I asked here what else she wants)
  • PJs (for her [stuffed] puppy Chamois)
  • Coins…gold coins specifically (because she takes after Daddy)
  • Shinies (again, something on the table)
  • Paper…white specifically (to offset the request for gold coins)

Siena wants:

  • Lip gloss (because she loves lip gloss)
  • Lips (did I mention she loves lip gloss? We think “lips” is the form of lip gloss known as “chap stick”)
  • Puppy dog (because sister wants one. Again, only requesting “stuffed” because of the lack of facilities on the sleigh.)
  • Candy (because she takes after both Mommy and Daddy)

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Thanksgiving 2009

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Cowgirl Up – Fall 2009

Our two little cowgirls, and other shots from Oct-Nov 2009.

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Leaf Jumping

I think this might need to be an annual neighborhood tradition!

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Christmas Pagent

A little footage from this years’ Christmas program. Stay tuned for bonus footage, including behind the scenes access to pre-concert rehearsals!

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One Liners

On the way to Florida Beth got me talking about curtains or some such nonsense and I drove 10 miles past our exit before Beth realized where we were. When we realized we were going to be adding 25 minutes to our already too long trip, Amelia helpfully chimes in:

“Daddy! I TOLD you Mommy was supposed to drive after we stopped for dinner!”

Beth has been listening to her new Michael Jackson CD lately and indoctrinating the girls into his music. When an MJ classic song came on the radio tonight:

Beth – “Who sings this?”
Amelia – “Michael Jackson”
Beth – “Uh hunh”
Amelia (puzzled) – “I didn’t know he spoke girl”

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