First Day of School

Today marks a major milestone in the lives of our children and in the sanity of our Mommy. Both Amelia and Siena went off to preschool today. Yes, Mommy now has about 12 hours per week of uninterrupted free time to do what she pleases. No kids in tow, no diapers to change, no entertainment to provide. I think I’m just as excited as she is. It feels like a milestone transformation from the “dark ages” of early childhood to the “fun ages” of enjoying the kids. Stay tuned.

[Correction] 2.3 minutes after this post hit the Internet, Beth pointed out that it is actually only 10 hours of free time per week. Not that she is counting. My bad.

We’re fortunate to have found a great preschool program run by the YMCA. Last year Amelia had an absolute blast and Siena even had a hard time leaving every time Amelia got dropped off/picked up. Here’s what she did last year:

~LOVES her school!
~loves to talk about her day when I pick her up; was able to name all her classmates after only a few days there; gets a kick out of telling me things like,” mia used up all the toilet paper”, “trafford stuffed all the cookies into his mouth at one time!”
~has music with Ms. Bethany once a week

-”All About Me”:making new friends in school; family collages; paper plate self portraits

-”Fall Harvest”: nature walk to collect leaves for their leaf collage; apple-tasting contest; apple stamps; fire safety week with a visit from the local fire department; trunk-or-treat celebration; halloween costume parade; pumpkin carving party; making ghosts

-”World Festival”:learned about african music; counting in spanish; danced to latin, italian, and oriental music; native american flag and teepee making; thanksgiving feast where they wore the indian chief and maiden shirts and headbands that they had made

-”A Season of Giving”:homemade care packages to send to the troops overseas; christmas program where they sang and danced to the songs their music teacher, bethany, had taught them; holiday party which included a visit from santa, crafts, cookie decorating, and pizza!

-”Wild Animal Kingdom”: learned all about the wild animals with where they live and the sounds they make; got to bring their favorite stuffed wild animal from home for show-n-tell; went on many “bear hunts”; made a hibernating bear craft; made animal headdresses; made jungle collages

-”People Make a Difference”: identifying people and their jobs by the tools they use daily; sharing what they want to be when they want to grow up with each other; making career collages; dressing up and role playing with different careers (doctors, builders, construction workers); a dentist came to visit and they all learned about “sugar bugs” and they received new toothbrushes and toothpaste

-”Book Journeys”:celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday and the joy of books and reading; got to wear PJ’s one day to school as well as wearing their favorite hat one day; the “naughty leprechaun” came to visit and peppered their room with treats and toys for all the kids as well as made a huge mess in their room; they made actual green eggs and ham and got to taste and see if they liked the yummy dish; made their own special hat after reading The Cat in the Hat

-”Earth and Beyond”: celebrated Earth Day; learned all about our solar system; made space putty; learned about the importance of keeping our earth clean, healthy, and plentiful for everyone; grew their own grass from seeds and watched it grow for the rest of the year; had another Trike-a-Thon; had a fantastic Easter party complete with Easter egg hunt

-”Signs of Spring”: observed the metamorphosis of their pet caterpillars into butterflies throughout the month of May; made caterpillar and butterfly crafts; played with hungry caterpillar beads; end of the year party!

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