Siena Quotes

Siena’s turning into a little chatterbox as well. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s going to wind up talking even more than Amelia…if that’s physically possible. Before she’s even turned 2, she’s already using 6-7 word sentences routinely.

Her cutest current word is “guac-a-mol-e”.

There’s also “yummy tummy” (often associated with guac-a-mol-e)

Of course “my self”, and “self do it” are mainstays of the brewing independent streak….along with the fervent “NO”.

Any long word that begins with “p” is now conveniently abbreviated. We eat “p-apple” on “p-zza” before we go to the “p-ground” and listen to “p-diddy”

At night, we need “tuck tucks” then “give me a kiss”.

And whenever there’s a noise “what’s that?”

“Mia” for Amelia

She loves to sing her ABC’s, but don’t dare try to join her. That is something only for self to do. When she gets tired, the ABC’s blend with a throaty version of Twinkle Tinkle.

There’s something special about being a second child. Somehow Siena has picked up her shapes, colors, ABC’s, counting, counting in Spanish (a little) and a bunch of other things that we haven’t taught her. Sibling rivalry is a wonderful thing at this age.

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