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Siena Quotes

Siena’s turning into a little chatterbox as well. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s going to wind up talking even more than Amelia…if that’s physically possible. Before she’s even turned 2, she’s already using 6-7 word sentences routinely.

Her cutest current word is “guac-a-mol-e”.

There’s also “yummy tummy” (often associated with guac-a-mol-e)

Of course “my self”, and “self do it” are mainstays of the brewing independent streak….along with the fervent “NO”.

Any long word that begins with “p” is now conveniently abbreviated. We eat “p-apple” on “p-zza” before we go to the “p-ground” and listen to “p-diddy”

At night, we need “tuck tucks” then “give me a kiss”.

And whenever there’s a noise “what’s that?”

“Mia” for Amelia

She loves to sing her ABC’s, but don’t dare try to join her. That is something only for self to do. When she gets tired, the ABC’s blend with a throaty version of Twinkle Tinkle.

There’s something special about being a second child. Somehow Siena has picked up her shapes, colors, ABC’s, counting, counting in Spanish (a little) and a bunch of other things that we haven’t taught her. Sibling rivalry is a wonderful thing at this age.

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More Quotes

Amelia is just hysterical these days. Some examples:

Setting: Amelia is being stubborn and it’s time to leave.
Beth: Come on Amelia, it’s time to go.
Amelia: No, I want to stay here.
(this goes on for a few minutes)
Beth: Ok, do you want me to leave you here all alone?
Amelia: No Mommy, if you leave me home alone, the Cat in the Hat will just come to play with me.

Setting: Pouring down rain as we try to get Amelia to bed.
Amelia: No, it can’t rain.
Mike: Why not?
Amelia: I’m afraid the moon will get all wet.

Ever since Bailey (Beth’s parents’ cat…well technically Beth’s cat) passed away, Amelia has been really fascinated with heaven. Recently:

-Will there be toys in heaven?
-Does God brush his teeth?
-Does God take a nap? Will I have to take a nap in heaven?
-Will there be lots of rainbows in heaven?
-Did God make ______ (insert anything here)?
-Once I get to heaven, I’m never going to come back.

Mommy, when I get older, can I still take care of Siena?

Siena is in that independent stage where she wants to do everything herself. When you try to do something for her, like put on her shoes or buckler her seat belt, she always responds with “no self”. Or “my self”. One day Siena was perusing a book, as she is apt to do, when Beth asked Siena if she would like to join Amelia while Beth actually read the words of a book. To which Amelia responded, “No Mommy, self can do it”.

Quiet Daddy, you’re not a good singer….you’re not a good dancer either. (Obviously the intelligence we thought we were seeing in her was mistakenly identified!)

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Humprey Goes to Europe Once More

Well we did it again. Not having learned all our lessons from Amelia’s previous trip to the other side of the pond, we thought it’d be a good idea to take the kids over to Europe . This time around it was truly a family excursion. Beth’s cousin David got married in Ireland so the entire family packed up and did our best impression of the Griswalds.

Getting There

Thanks to the incredible generosity of American Airlines who “let us” “earn back” the frequent flier miles they took away without notice, we were able to secure 4 highly prized free coach tickets. Read the rest of this entry »

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