How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You??!!!

Amelia: Papa’s going to buy me a car.

Mom or Dad: Uh huh, keep reminding him of that.

Amelia: I want a yellow car.
M/D: Uh huh.

Amelia: It’s going to go fast.

M/D: Oh really?

Amelia: I don’t want a Siena car. I want a car like TeTe’s.

M/D: That’s good. Tell Papa.

Amelia: It’s going to be all mine.

M/D: Yup.

Amelia:Only Siena, Nette Netta and Papa can ride in it. You can’t, just us.

M/D: Oh no, that make me sad.

Amelia: I don’t have to wait until I’m 16, I can get it when I turn 3 and a half.

M/D: Oh really? How are you going to drive it?

Amelia: Don’t worry, I wont’ fall off.

M/D: That’s nice, we like you to be safe.

Amelia: It will only have three wheels, so it will be safe.

M/D: Wow, that’s pretty cool

Amelia: Yeah, it’s going to have training wheels on it, so it’ll go straight.

M/D: Really? I’ve never heard of that before!

Amelia (frustrated): BUT I’VE TOLD YOU THIS BEFORE!

M/D: Yes you have honey, yes you have.

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