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Are we raising the teacher’s pet?

As she’s being picked up from preschool:

Amelia: Mommy, I didn’t eat my cookies. (The special treat Mom packed in the lunchbox…there’s almost never dessert in there.)
Mommy (in stunned disbelief): Huh? Why not?
Amelia: Because I didn’t finish my lunch.
Mommy: Ok, well what didn’t you eat?
Amelia: My goldfish.

Forensic examination of the lunchbox uncovered precisely 6 uneaten goldfish and two completely intact, uneaten cookies. Holy cow! What kind of kid has that much discipline when Mom and Dad aren’t around?

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How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You??!!!

Amelia: Papa’s going to buy me a car.

Mom or Dad: Uh huh, keep reminding him of that.

Amelia: I want a yellow car.
M/D: Uh huh.

Amelia: It’s going to go fast.

M/D: Oh really?

Amelia: I don’t want a Siena car. I want a car like TeTe’s.

M/D: That’s good. Tell Papa.

Amelia: It’s going to be all mine.

M/D: Yup.

Amelia:Only Siena, Nette Netta and Papa can ride in it. You can’t, just us.

M/D: Oh no, that make me sad.

Amelia: I don’t have to wait until I’m 16, I can get it when I turn 3 and a half.

M/D: Oh really? How are you going to drive it?

Amelia: Don’t worry, I wont’ fall off.

M/D: That’s nice, we like you to be safe.

Amelia: It will only have three wheels, so it will be safe.

M/D: Wow, that’s pretty cool

Amelia: Yeah, it’s going to have training wheels on it, so it’ll go straight.

M/D: Really? I’ve never heard of that before!

Amelia (frustrated): BUT I’VE TOLD YOU THIS BEFORE!

M/D: Yes you have honey, yes you have.

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Spring Photo Shoot

Every Spring we try to do a photo shoot with the girls in front of the tulips when they are in bloom. We didn’t make it down to Vanderbilt this year for the truly spectacular tulips, heck, we barely made it to some neighborhood tulips before the flowers fell off. Nevertheless, we got a few good shots, I especially love this one of Siena.

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