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Making Her Mark

Somehow Amelia has started to learn how to write her letters. With just a little direction, she’s started to spell out her name. Here’s her very first signature. The letters aren’t exactly in the right order, but you can definitely make them out. This work was penned about a month ago, current penmanship is much improved.

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CT June 2008

Highlights of our trip to CT in June for Amanda’s wedding.

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Camping Again

We decided to go camping with the gang again back in May. The hiking was great, the cooking was fun, the campfire was roaring, but the weather, well the weather didn’t cooperate very much. On our second night a thunderstorm came through. Being the lazy, over-condifent camper that I am, I had neglected to fully fasten the rain cover to the top of the tent (might have also had something to do with the friendly competition us guys had to see who could set their tent up first). Water started to drip in, then trickle, then pour. We piled our gear into the pack-n-play to keep it out of the water that flooded the bottom of the tent, while Beth huddled the girls into the middle of the tent and I stood up and held the tent up so it wouldn’t blow over. By the time morning came everything except Siena was soaked. Siena slept through everything. Amelia was calm throughout the whole ordeal, but to this day, she’s still afraid that it will rain in her room.

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Siena Turns One!!

It’s hard to believe our baby is already one! After watching the girls for close to two weeks while we were in Alaska, Memere flew back to TN with me so she could be here for Siena’s party. After three weeks of hard core fun with the girls, Memere has walked a few miles in our shoes and officially stopped pressuring me to make blog posts…thus the lack of posts.

We had an Olympics theme for Siena’s party complete with games and prizes for all the kids. Siena was surprisingly dainty with her cake and somehow disinterested in the frosting (how did she not get that gene?!). The fruit on top of the cake was a big hit though!

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Siena Gets into the Jelly Beans

Siena is into the phase where she just wants to get into everything!!!

Siena Gets Into the Jelly Beans from Mike Rustici on Vimeo.

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CT "Cation"

Ok, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any updates here. Let’s start by going back to July and the girls “cation” to CT while Mom and Dad went on an Alaskan cruise with the Bowies. The girls had an absolute blast and Mom and Dad enjoyed the break. Alaska is impossibly beautiful and a tiny stateroom with no wake up calls was just a godsend for us. Julie put together this great highlight film of the girls’ time in CT. We knew they were in good hands, but it’s so great to see that the girls had such an obvious good time!

Cation from Mike Rustici on Vimeo.

A few pictures from our trip:

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