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That’s What I’m Talkin About

Daddy: “Here’s your outfit Amelia”
Amelia: “Melia want the red pants”
Daddy: “What? Why do you want the red pants?”
Amelia: “Melia put them on all by herself”
Daddy: “Ok, here you go” (tosses the red sweat pants on the bed)
Amelia: “That’s what I’m talking about!”

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Happy Birthday

Turn your volume up a bit to start this one. Amelia sings “Happy Birthday” to Papa. Siena laughs and crawls, then goes for a ride.

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A Very Good Day

Today is just a very good day. It’s one of those days I hope to remember forever but never will. I take them for granted yet they are so precious.

For starters we’ve got snow! Yes, real snow, a full 2.5 inches

When there’s snow, of course there’s sledding.

Siena indulged me in a few runs down the front yard, but Amelia was more interested in getting back inside to roast marshmallows on the fire.

Siena settled down for a morning nap and Amelia played by herself for a full hour…letting Mom and Dad actually relax and read the paper for the first time in months!

The girls are happy. Siena’s awake now and motoring around in her exersaucer. Amelia is running around naked and climbing up on Siena’s exersaucer. The fire’s still roaring. We all have t-shirts that say “Life is Good” and gosh is that the truth.

Video from today, Siena’s first sled ride and Amelia roasting (eating) marshmellows.

Some Recent Pictures
Pictures from Christmas…Mom and Julie took over 1000 pictures during our visit to CT for Christmas. In protest I told Mom she had to filter out the best ones for the blog…well here they are, all 140 of them.
Quotable Quotes From Amelia:

Amelia – “Dad, Amelia ______ (some typical thing 2 year olds do). DAD Amelia ______. DAD DAD DAD Amelia ______. DADDY listen to Amelia!!!”
Dad – “Oh, you _______, good job”
Amelia – “Good job listening Dad.”

“Bust a move”

“Siena’s Older” – anytime Siena does something new that we told Amelia Siena would have to wait until she got older to do….like suck on pizza crust or drink from a sippy cup.

“So how was your day Siena?”

“That’s a match” – Any time two things in her vicinity match.

“Melia’s feelings are hurt…..Melia’s feelings are all better.”

“Silly little Melia”

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