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Theiving, Eating and Crawling

Siena’s getting to be a scrappy fighter. The latest weapon in her arsenal is grabbing at Amelia’s glasses whenever she gets too close. Amelia does a great job of mothering her and responds “no, no Siena, that’s not a toy”. It’s good to know we have three parents in the house.

When Amelia’s not mothering Siena, she’s busy mothering her two baby dolls. They get bathed, complete with shampoo, lotion and a good hair drying. The get fresh diapers, new outfits, excursions in the exer-saucer and even enjoy a steady diet of juice, milk, play dough and silly putty. They even get rides (at speeds approaching mach 2) on Amelia’s tricycle…that girl can move on that bike, and boy does it hurt when she runs into our shins.

Speaking of fresh diapers, Amelia’s really getting into her potty training. She goes in spurts, some days every action is on the potty, other days we go through half a dozen diapers. Sometimes we can’t get her off the potty…I think she’s waiting around for a poo she can name. So far, we’ve spotted the carrot poo, the candy cane poo, the number nine poo, the snail poo and, of course, the snake poo.

Siena’s not into things happening on the way out, but she sure is into the food on the way in. These days she’s into bits of real food. Bananas and cheerios constitute the majority of her diet these days, but I think there’s a good chance she’ll turn into an apple after eating 2 pounds of applesauce over the last couple days!

I think Siena’s concerned about over eating and looking to get some exercise. She’s dying to get mobile. Put her on the floor and she’ll start off diving, rolling and rocking towards the nearest point of interest. I even got to see her take a couple small crawling steps the other day. We haven’t seen it again, but we know it’s in there.

Siena got a good report card at her 6 month check up a few weeks ago:

Weight: 17.5 lbs (78%)
Height: 26.25 inches (68%)
Head circumference: 44.5 cm (93%)- all brains

Dr. Bennie even remarked that developmentally, she’s acting more like an 8 month old than a 6 month old…yes Grandmas, she’s brilliant too.

Enough bragging on Siena, we have some very exciting news to report on Amelia as well. She has been accepted into not one, but two preschools. Yes, her path to success and fortune is now ensured.

Words of wisdom, by Amelia:

* While Amelia was feeding Siena, after she dropped some of the applesauce “Oh, what a mess! That’s okay, Siena. Accidents happen!” as she wiped Siena up with a napkin.

* Every morning, the first thing she says to Siena without fail, “Morning Siena. Have you very good nice sleep?!”

* When either she or Siena needs a bath, she states “she needs a washdown!” straight from Thomas.

* “Uh, no idea”…when she has no idea.

* After I lifted her up on his shoulders and threw her down on the bed, Amelia got up and said “Whoa, that’s pretty cool!

* When offering Amelia something that she does not want, she will say “No thank you; thanks for offering it!”

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