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Siena’s Plan

Poor Siena. Amelia gives her no end of grief. Whether it be bouncing on her belly, clapping Siena’s hands (for Patty Cake of course), pressing her nose (and glasses) against Siena’s face, pulling her hair or trying to pick her up, Amelia loves to “see Siena”. Siena’s no dummy though, I think she’s quietly plotting her revenge.

First there’s the growth. Siena knows she’s going to catch up quickly. At her four month check up today, she weighed in at 15.5 lbs, 25.5 in with a 42.5 cm head circumference (all round about the 85th percentile). All a ploy to get big enough to fight back. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the rice cereal. Siena’s been dabbling in semi-real food this week to great delight. It won’t be long before she moves on to bigger and better things. Saturday night she eyed up my pizza and her enticing smile suckered Daddy into letting her suck on the crust…which she would not let go of!

Then, there’s the milestones. Siena’s just chocking them up one after another. Her rolling has only gotten more incessant. You can’t put that girl down without her flipping over. Today, she sat up a bit holding herself up with her hands (tripoding, for those in the baby-know). More good exercise to build up the muscles she’ll need to fend off big sis.

After enduring a week of fussiness, we finally got an explanation when we noticed Siena’s bottom two teeth poking through. Whether she intends to use them to bite back or to eat more food so she can grow faster is currently unclear, but regardless, it is obviously part of the master plan.

Siena’s secret weapon seems to involve capturing the hearts (and minds) of Mommy and Daddy. Siena keeps getting sweeter and sweeter everyday. She is the happiest baby. She’ll bare her infectious smile or bust out in laughter at the drop of a hat. She is truly a joy to have around.

Amelia continues her tale of two toddlers. She’s sweeter than sweet one minute and throwing a tantrum the next. This time of year, she’s all into Christmas. She’ll tell you all about Santa, the tree, the presents, the North Pole and the reindeer. Amlelia’s asking a lot from Santa this year, her list consists of one white ball and one yellow sucker. Tonight, we might have added a driving range bucket of golf balls, but we’ll have to see if that sticks. Some of her favorite sayings:

-“that’s so sweet”
-“that’s beautiful”
-“melia’s getting stronger”
-“when Siena gets older” (she’ll do this or that)

Thanksgiving in Sea Grove
Siena’s Baptism

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