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Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Siena’s rollin’ over. Four confirmed rolls to date. All front to back. Back to front is imminent.

If you see a baby rolling down the street, please return her to 9438 Norwood Dr. She is now partially mobile and has escaped. Do not fear, she is a friendly baby and does not bite. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please avoid placing your hand and other valuable objects near any egress from said baby’s diaper as violent explosions of toxic liquid periodically escape.

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Mike Make Great Blog Post

Mike so funny.
Mike silly.
Mike do good job.
Mamma Dadda proud of Mike.
Mike so smart.
Mike good boy.
Mike big help.

Amelia has taken to complimenting herself, I must admit, it’s kind of fun.

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We’re Batting 1000

Yup, today Amelia is 4 for 4 in potties on the potty. That’s right, 4 trips to the potty today and 0 used diapers. Life is looking good. Of course, now that we’re in potty mode, Amelia knows full well how to use it to her advantage as an early exit from time out or an excuse to get buck naked at any given time of day. Yes, we’ve discovered nudity. You can’t keep clothes on that girl these days.

I know, I know, it’s been almost a month since we’ve had an update on the kids. I’m even the last one in our circle of blogging parents to get up the requisite Halloween post…so, here you go, pictures galore from a week long celebration of candy and costumes. It took a few houses, but Amelia finally got the hang of tick or treat and Siena seemed to enjoy coming along for the ride.We had a party for Amelia’s 2nd birthday a couple weeks ago. There’s a plethora of pictures to document the event. It was a great party where we let all the kids make their own pizzas and sundaes. Everybody had a blast…except for Amelia. I think the crowd on her home turf was just a bit much for her and once a few people left she perked right up.

So, what else is new with the kids. Let’s start with Siena….she could use a little publicity boost. I don’t think her time flying under the radar is going to last much longer. She’s had an explosion of personality and interaction in the last couple weeks. Smiling, laughing, interacting, and grabbing anything she can reach (especially her feet). She’ll even talk with you now and then. If she had a tail, she’d wag it every time she sees you. Belly laughs abound and even Amelia’s getting in on the action. Amelia loves to blow on Siena’s belly and last night both girls got a kick out of Amelia making silly faces at Siena (Mom and Dad smiled a bit too). Siena’s a small lunge away from rolling over and has even gone mobile on occasion with a few scoots across the floor. She’s still the easiest baby ever, calm, cool and collected. Diapering is even easy, she saves all her poos for a daily explosive burst…fewer diapers, but lots more laundry. She had a short stint of restless nights, but that seems to have come to an end now that we dug up a blanket big enough to keep swaddling her with. Yes, she’s still huge, filling out six month outfits already at three months.

Amelia is well into her 2’s. I don’t think “terrible” is the best word, it’s more like “dual”. It’s the best of times and the worst of times. She is blossoming into a sweet loving little girl, but then she has her defiant moments as well. She can be more frustrating than you ever imagine, but she’ll melt your heart with kindness the very next moment. We’ve started to use the “time out” (…can anybody tell me when it changed from “standing in the corner” to “time out”). So far, it works really well to settle Amelia down and teach her what she did wrong. Amelia’s very cooperative and has even put herself in timeout a couple times when she knows she’s done wrong.

Amelia’s entered a climbing stage. She wants to go vertical on everything and is even getting pretty imaginative in how she find her way up. That coupled with her new found door knob turning ability have really changed the game. Ugh.

Singing, spelling and counting continue to be Amelia’s favorite hobbies. She’ll spell out any written words she sees and can even count to 30 now (sometimes with a little help getting past the 19-21 barrier). She had her first trip to the dentist last week and we took her to her first football game at the local high school last Friday night. She loved all the commotion, but her favorite was the marching band.

That’s all for now. Some more miscellaneous pictures from the last month are below. You can also see some great shots from a shoot we did with Allison Bynum.

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