Photo Dump

Finally, some great shots of Siena! Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks or so. We finally got some good ones of Siena. It’s a whole lot easier now that she’s starting to show some personality. It’s hard to believe, but she’s already starting to loose that infant look. She has so much more muscle tone and presence about her. We’ve even been able to coax a few smiles out of her! She’s making the cutest little noises and will even have a quick “conversation” with you if you mimic her well enough. Siena continues to be the easiest baby and is showing a patience beyond her years (err, weeks) with Amelia’s “mothering”. This girl is going to grow up tough and chill, she just doesn’t get worked up, no matter what Amelia dishes out. Even when Amelia got out the mop and dusted Siena’s face, Siena just grinned. She’s still sleeping well, but the entire night sleeps aren’t consistent yet, maybe 30% of the time she’ll get through the entire night.

Things seems like they’re starting to stabalize and settle into a routine around the Rustici household. Beth has had some hectic days, but seems to be picking up the zone defense well. Somehow we’ll get this all figured out.

Amelia’s doing great, but continues her tale of two two-year olds. Sweet as can be one minute, terror on two legs the next. Fortunately though the sweet times far outweight the terror times. She’ll go from temper tantrum one minute to sweetly singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider the next minute. Singing is a new favorite pasttime as well. She’s always busting out in song, especially in the car. Hit singles include “ABC’s”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Ba Ba Black Sheep”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and random fragments of whatever else is on her mind. Her vocabulary seems to jump every day. She’ll pick and repeat anything that comes out of your mouth, so watch out. Notable quotes these days “Hey Mike!” (picked that one up from Beth), “ummm, delicious” (who knows where she got that), “Go Titans” (anytime she seems a football), “Two points” (everytime she seems a basketball), “popkisle” (juice popsicle), “take a walk”, “bike ride”, “meelaup” (slang for Mother/Father, please pick Amelia up), and “prize” (surprise, any time Daddy comes home from work…she used to hide and jump out, but now she just walks up).

Random Pics from the last few weeks:

Playing in the water fountains with Parker:

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