A blog post with some pictures…nice.
Some video too…nice.
Amelia peed on the potty intentionally this morning…nice.
Siena slept for a 5 hour stretch a couple nights this week…nice.
Mamma let Dadda go to a Titans game Thursday night…very nice.
Mamma gets to go get a pedicure this afternoon in return…fair enough.

“Nice”, that’s the word of the day this week as in:

“Amelia, do you want to go to the pool?” – “Nice!”

“Amelia, do you like your ice cream?” – “Nice!”Some quick video clips, we’ve got Amelia saying “duggleu” (W), snorting, her name and “helping” with baby sister.

Coming next week to a video blog near you (hopefully):

Amelia does a hip hop dance move to the techno version of “5 Little Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed”

Favorite word blog post concept – Copyright (c) 2007, Lori Giles, “The Giles Family – Home of Maya (oh yeah…and Justin and Lori)”, Maybe

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