Yeyyo Alert

The United States Department of Homeland Security classifies the current threat of a terrorist attack according to color scale.

Amelia has adopted a similar notification mechanism to communicate her level of pain and suffering, be it emotional, physical or imagined. We’ve dubbed it the Me-Me’s alert system and just like DHS, it is color coded to match the color of the blanket (me-me) required to comfort our tormented child. Immediately upon a negative change in mood, Amelia will notify us of the proper remedy be yelling “INSERT_COLOR Me-me’s!!!”

“Purple Me-me’s!!!” – I’ve only been slightly disrespected, the small purple travel sized me-me’s will do (or just anything to show me you love me).

“White Me-me’s!!!” – There is a moderate threat of meltdown, proceed with caution.

“Orange Me-me’s!!!” – Life is hard, but I think I can deal, put yeyyo me-me’s on standby.

“Yeyyo (yellow) Me-me’s!!!” – Danger, danger, meltdown has begun, all hands on deck

“Purple, White, Orange, Yeyo Me-me’s!!!” – Head for the hills there’s no stopping this one!

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