From the Other Side

I’m a techy, but it’s still pretty amazing what technology can do these days. Over the last few months we’ve been using Skype to let Amelia video conference with my parents in Connecticut. It’s just phenomenal that with a cheap webcam, a decent internet connection and some free software Amelia, Memere and Bupa can have real time interaction. Amelia hasn’t seen in person since April, but she recognized them immediately when they arrived in town last week. It’s all she thinks about when we break out the computer, sometimes I think the computer is called “Memere Bupa”.

  1. #1 by Aaron at August 18th, 2007

    Love to see you’ve come over to the light side and bought a Macbook Pro, Mike. There’s plenty of room among the enlightened brother. I hope this continues to restore your childlike sense of wonder. Namaste.

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