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So What’s Up

Five blog posts in one day! What’s up with that? Could it be residual guilt from Mom’s visit last week? Maybe, but that pressure’s constant. Is it that there’s a lot to talk about? No, not really. Could it be the lack of stuff to talk about means I actually have some unexpected free time? Yes! Things are cruising along and other than a few choice moments, this two baby thing isn’t nearly as bad as we expected it to be. We even offered to babysit Maya for a few hours the other day to increase the level of effort by a couple notches. Siena continues to be an easy going baby (or maybe we’re just overly easy going parents this time around). There are precisely two things that make her fuss, when she wants something to go into her tummy and when something has just left her tummy. She is particularly sensitive to the latter. The tiniest shart will send her into a tizzy. Problem is, the shart proceeds the big dookie by a few minutes resulting in two diaper changes…that is assuming there’s no follow-up dookie(s) in which case a single movement consumes three or more diapers. Those of you who know me know that I’m not particularly cheap. Especially when it comes to objects that prevent me from encountering poop, I’m willing to pay for the best of the best (the diaper champ and pampers being my personal favorites). With Siena though, we’ve switched to Target brand diapers, they’re half the price of Pampers and just as capable of containing the incessant sharts that my daughter emits.

We did have a bit of drama a couple weeks ago that was a bit too dramatic to post on this mostly light hearted blog. When Siena was about a week old Beth was walking Siena into the living room to feed her. Beth tripped on Siena’s pampasan chair (another high recommendation) and they both fell to the floor. Siena hit her head pretty hard on the tile floor, but thanks to strong maternal instinct, Beth absorbed most of the blow with her elbows. When you get a frantic call from you wife where the only words you can make out through the sobs are “baby head fall tile”, you’d be amazed how easy it is to turn a 10 minute commute into a 5 minute sprint. Siena was checked out immediately by her doctor and then later that night by Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and everything is perfectly fine. Beth’s elbows have even recovered, but her psyche’s still a little shaken up. I keep trying to reassure her…you know, it’s not like we haven’t done this before with Amelia’s head. Her guilt has had her convinced that she’s a bad mother…but I tell her, at least she didn’t leave her baby in the car like I did!

What else is going on? Amelia’s cute as ever and up to crazier antics. Her favorite hobbies these days include snorting, jumping and running on her tippy toes (we call her Twinkle Toes). She love to sing her ABC’s (she can do the whole song now…expect W sound like dogglu) and count to twenty (well almost, the high teens are a little garbled). She’s starting to sing some songs and even has some of her favorite books memorized. She loves the pool and can even swim the entire length of the pool with her floaty vest on. We got her a drawing easel that I also highly recommend and which we can’t seem to get her away from. Most of all she’s adjusting to being a big sister. She loves to kiss her sister and help out by giving Siena her blanket (even the yeyo memees) and shoving a pacifier up the baby’s nose. She even lets us know that “baby poopoos” whenever Siena starts to fuss. There have been a few tantrums thrown during the adjustment, but overall Amelia is doing great.

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Life’s been turned upside down

A new baby will turn everything upside down. Here’s a dump of pictures from the last few weeks. We’ve got a visit from my family in CT, Maya’s second birthday party, the Sip and See viewing of Siena and a naked babe washing my car.

Some straggler pictures from when Siena left the hospital.

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Striking Good Looks

Mom dug up this picture from when I was a baby. See any resemblence?

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From the Other Side

I’m a techy, but it’s still pretty amazing what technology can do these days. Over the last few months we’ve been using Skype to let Amelia video conference with my parents in Connecticut. It’s just phenomenal that with a cheap webcam, a decent internet connection and some free software Amelia, Memere and Bupa can have real time interaction. Amelia hasn’t seen in person since April, but she recognized them immediately when they arrived in town last week. It’s all she thinks about when we break out the computer, sometimes I think the computer is called “Memere Bupa”.

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Yeyyo Alert

The United States Department of Homeland Security classifies the current threat of a terrorist attack according to color scale.

Amelia has adopted a similar notification mechanism to communicate her level of pain and suffering, be it emotional, physical or imagined. We’ve dubbed it the Me-Me’s alert system and just like DHS, it is color coded to match the color of the blanket (me-me) required to comfort our tormented child. Immediately upon a negative change in mood, Amelia will notify us of the proper remedy be yelling “INSERT_COLOR Me-me’s!!!”

“Purple Me-me’s!!!” – I’ve only been slightly disrespected, the small purple travel sized me-me’s will do (or just anything to show me you love me).

“White Me-me’s!!!” – There is a moderate threat of meltdown, proceed with caution.

“Orange Me-me’s!!!” – Life is hard, but I think I can deal, put yeyyo me-me’s on standby.

“Yeyyo (yellow) Me-me’s!!!” – Danger, danger, meltdown has begun, all hands on deck

“Purple, White, Orange, Yeyo Me-me’s!!!” – Head for the hills there’s no stopping this one!

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A Ball Pit for the Baby

Some video of Amelia and Siena interacting the first night we had Siena home.

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