Siena In Action

Here’s a quick video of Siena this morning.

We’re home from the hospital now and getting settled in. Siena’s dozing in the baby papasan, Amelia finally settled in for a nap (after much screaming for more time to “see it”, where it=Siena), and Beth just crashed on the couch to catch up on a bit of rest. Me, I’m just taking it all in and reflecting on what it is to be a Dad once more.

Friday started out simple enough, two alarm clocks telling two people who never really fell asleep that it was time to stop lying there and go have a baby. We made it to the hospital by 6:15 only to realize that shift change is at 7 so nothing really happens until 8…further reinforcing my sick joke theory. We had a great nurse in Lisa Beverly (if you’re having a baby at Williamson Medical Center – which I would highly recommend – ask for Lisa). Beth started her petocin drop around 8:15, had her water broken around 10 and signed up for an epidural around 11. Progress was rapid, life was good. We were cutting it up with Lisa and 4 o’clock was the over/under time for delivery. By 2 o’clock, Beth was dilated to 9 cm (10 cm is when you’re supposed to start pushing). It looked like the under was in the money.

2:30, still at 9 cm.
3:00, still at 9 cm.
3:30, still at 9 cm.
4:00, still at 9 cm.
4:30, still at 9 cm.
5:00, Dr. Stafford walks in with a confident grin on her face that says, “Let’s get this show on the road”. She does her magic.
5:30, still at 9 cm.
6:00, still at 9 cm. Lisa tells us she’ll stay with us until the end, even though her shift ends at 7.
6:30, still at 9 cm. Epidural starts to wear off…where’s Glenn with the booster?
6:45, Lisa takes off at a dead sprint down the hall
6:46, We get word that Lisa’s daughter was in a car wreck, she’s unconscious and on her way to the ER by ambulance. (Fortunately she is alright)
7:00, Dr. Stafford says “What do you know about a C-section?”
7:30, Beth is on the table, I’m decked out in surgical garb and ready to watch
7:41, I pop my head up over the curtain to see Seina’s head emerging from Beth’s belly. It’s really a beautiful thing for being so disgusting.

Apparently Siena was just a bit too big to make it through Beth’s pelvis. After 5 hours, only a tiny bit of her head was able to make it through the cervix, the rest was just wedged up in there giving her one heck of a cone head (with a little ring around the top where part of it just made it past the cervix). She’s here now though and beautiful as they come (even with the cone, she was beautiful, but that’s gone now). She’s been a perfect baby so far. The only crying has been either when she’s hungry or in need of a diaper and as soon as her needs are satisfied, it’s back to sleep or peaceful alertness. She’s consistently sleeping 4 hours between feedings and eating great. Apparently the long sleep is typical for big babies…to which Beth says that she’s shooting for a 12 pounder next time…with another C-section of course!

Amelia’s been a great big sister as well so far. She constantly wants to kiss, touch and hug the baby. She’s always looking for ways to help us out be it by handing us a diaper or by jamming the wrong end of the pacifier into Siena’s mouth. She had a bit of jealousy when we first got home, but that’s to be expected, and it all fairness to her, she was due for a nap. It will be really interesting to see how they interact over the next few days.

That’s all for now…but to show you what a wonderful nurse Lisa is, here are a couple quotes:

“lots of beautiful things come out of the vagina during labor”

As Mike shys away from taking a peak at the beautiful things “Oh, yeah, sorry, I forgot that’s supposed to be a happy place for you”.

  1. #1 by Noelle Hamilton at July 31st, 2007

    Mike and Beth,

    Siena is GORGEOUS–and what a beautiful name too!! I think she looks like Beth, and her big sister!

    I am thrilled for you guys. A healthy baby is such a miracle–but then to have TWO of them?? Heavenly!!

    Enjoy yourselves and get some rest.

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