Hot Ra-Ras and a Proud Da Da

-“Amelia, what do you call that big red truck?”
-“Hots truck”

-“Amelia, would you like some more crackers?”
-“Mmmm, ra-ras plese.

-“Wow, Amelia, look at the firecrackers”
-“Hot ra-ras?”

Yes, Amelia was bedazzled by all the “hot ra-ras” on the 4th of July, she’s still asking for us to turn them back on.

She also bedazzled her Da Da and everbody else at Todd and Sara’s party. Amelia got right in the middle of the 7-10 year old boys’ football game. They were great sports, handing the ball off to her and letting her run around with them. One boy wound up to punt the ball down field, but didn’t quite get the height he was looking for on the ball. It nailed little Amelia right in the chest from no more than 6 feet away. It was a shot. We all gasped and expected her to fall flat on her back and start screaminig. Instead she stayed on her feet and chased down the fumble, yelling “ball, ball”! She took one for the team and kicked herself for not making the catch! So proud! I hear there’s a local youth rugby league, I wonder if they’re looking for a good toddler.

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