Oh Shiot

Driving home from dinner, Amelia drops something in the back seat

Amelia: “Oh Shiot”
Beth: “What?”

Mike’s train of thought: “Well shit, my nineteen month old just said ‘oh shit”.

B: “What’d you say honey?”
A: “Oh Shiot”

MTOT: “I’m in deep shit if she just said oh shit”

B: “Oh shoot, did you just say oh shoot?”

MTOT: “Yes, could it be a shoot, but where could she have learned shoot, who uses that word around her?”

A: “Oh shoot”
B: [giggles] “Oh shoot, that’s right honey, you say oh shoot when you drop something.”

MTOT: “Holy shit that was close”

We’re going to try something different this time around:

A YouTube video of Amelia kissing the baby on the way:

And the recent glut of pictures from April and May stored on Picassa Web Albums:

  1. #1 by Olivia at June 30th, 2007

    Hi Mike & Beth!

    Hope all is well! Just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello. What a cutie you guys have on your hands!! I’m sure the next one will be the same :)

    Tyson & Olivia

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