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Easter Pics

Just a quick post to share some pictures from Easter.

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Quotable Quotes

It’s been a while since we’ve had an Amelia update. To start with, here’s a boat load of pictures from the last 3 months. They just about sum it up…she’s an active, playful, personable toddler on the go.

Amelia is non-stop chatter these days, it seems like she’s got a new word everyday and she’s starting to figure out how to put them together. If she wanted pickled eggs on rye toast delivered to her on the swing set, she’d find a way to tell you.

The other day we decided to go grab a bite to eat after running errands. We pull up the restaurant and I run in to see if there’s a wait. There’s not, so I go back to the car and start to get Amelia out. I guess she was hungry and excited, because she said “All Right! Eat! Amen!”. The vocalization was more like “Alwai, E, Amy”, but the sentiment was priceless.

Recently, she skinned her knee and spent the next few days lifting up her pant legs to show everybody her “boo boo”. She was a bit dismayed the other day when she went to show “paw paw” and “nee nee”, but couldn’t find the boo boo anymore. She looked at both legs before finally declaring it “all gune”.

Favorite words these days include:

“alwai” – all right – used for anything good or “yes” (sounds a bit like Borat)
“uhuh” (accompanied by vigorous nodding) – uh huh – used to answer a question in the affirmative
“yeyyo” – yellow – used for any color, other than blue
“bu” – blue – used for any color other than yellow
“nine” – nine – used for any number, letter or just whenever she feels like it
“dada” – dada – used to induce a response of “Amelia” from me…to be followed by
“mama” – mama – used to induce a response of “What baby?”, then followed by “dada”
“mi-mes” – blanket of the day
“meme” – cat, or any other creature, real, stuffed or illustrated not otherwise in the vocabulary
“yoyo” – yogurt – used to mean, “I don’t like what’s on my plate, give me something better”, or “open the fridge and feed me please”
“mmmm” – yum – I enjoyed that culinary delight
“peas” – please – used appropriately, or to mean give me that now
“hi” – hi – used to greet any person, place or thing
“byby” – bye – used properly, or to tell guests it’s time to leave so I can go to bed
“up” – up – pick me up, I would like some attention
“out”, “in”, “on”, “down” – something needs to be in a different place
“on” (alternate usage) – I see a light bulb
“rara”, “ish” – cracker, fish – please get me a readily available snack from the diaper bag
“alldone”, or “allllllllllldone” – all done – used emphatically, over and over and over and over at the end of a meal
“alldone dada, alldone” – get this doctor away from me and take me home to my mimes
“ba” – ball – I sense a round object within a 100ft radius that I would like now
“uh oh” – I dropped something or threw it on the floor, please pick it up ASAP
“wawa” – water – I would like to stick my hand in your glass of water please
“juce” – juice – I’m thirsty
“wing” – swing – I would like some outdoor entertainment please
“hom” – home – We just turned on to our street
“ri” – ride – Let’s get in the car, pull me in my wagon or push me on my car toy
“d-d” – DVD – I would like to watch some Baby Einstein
“c-d” – CD – We’ve been in the car for over 8 seconds, why haven’t you put my music on yet?
“bump” – bump – I am slightly injured, please kiss it and make it better
“eeth” – teeth – Please put some toothpaste on the brush so I can suck it off
“is” – this – I would like the item to which I am pointing
“drys”, “popo”, “tete” – I have taken an action which may warrant a fresh diaper
“powpow” – baby powder – Please powder my bottom so I can stick my hand it in and lick the powder
“bu” – book – Please read me one of my four favorite books
“ay-den”, “mymy” – Ayden, Maya – I miss my friends
tuck – stuck – I find myself in a precarious position
me – excuse me – Somebody nearby performed a bodily function
ra – rock – Geological formations that must be studied and collected are nearby

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