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Pious Potty Humor

Amelia’s first snow day!

A photo shoot while feeding the ducks.

Dinner with Jonie and Chris

Beth and I often say a quick grace before dinner. We’re pretty good, but we don’t always remember. It seems that our days of skipping our thanks and digging in are over. The little one has caught on and every night when we sit down she just insists that we put our hands together and pray before we begin. Of course, she doesn’t quite wait to start eating, but as soon as we sit down, she clasps her hands together and waits for us to begin.

At some point in her prayers, Amelia must have picked up a few good habits from above. She’s really into reading and has learned the sign to ask to read a story. Her hat phobia has turned into a tendency to put anything and everything on her head, especially mixing bowls. She loves to brush her teeth so much that she’s even gone to bed clutching her toothbrush. She’s so eager to learn that she just imitates everything we do.

I think she’s still getting the hang of the whole praying to God thing because she’s somehow got a bit of the devil in her as well. Like the time she was sitting in her high chair, leaned up and to the side a bit, passed some voluminous gas, made a scowled face and started waving away the smell. We’re still trying to figure out who she was imitating with that one!

We are really, really praying that she wasn’t doing any imitating last week at Corky’s BBQ. During the second trip to the ladies room to change a poopy diaper during lunch, Beth set Amelia down to repack the diaper bag. Before Beth knew what was happening, Amelia had darted off to the nearest stall. Of course, Beth chased after her, but not fast enough. By the time parental supervision caught up, Amelia had reached down into the unflushed toilet and grabbed a wad of, you guessed it, urine-soaked toilet paper. Beth did all she could to stop her, loudly told her no, grabbed her arm, but to no avail. The little stinker proceeded to twirl the TP around in the air sending its liquid contents flying all over the ladies room, and its two inhabitants. Ugh. I’m sure that is a story we will telling for years to come.

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