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15 Month Update

So Amelia just recently had her 15 month check up. It seems there’s been a lot going on lately:

She had her first hair cut. Terror would put her reaction lightly. Despite inducing utter fear, I’ve got to hand it to the hairdresser. You need to have some serious skill to make an even cut on a bobbing screaming head!

She had her first music recital. If you’ve seen the video, you know that Broadway’s knocking on her door!

She’s been developing her artistic side. I feel that her art holds a genius ahead of her time. I’m also thinking of selling it on eBay as elephant art.

She loves playing outside, especially on the swing set and going for rides in her wagon.

She’s been out feeding the ducks, hitting the party scene and hanging out at the doctor’s office.

Our little one is blossoming before our eyes these days. She’s just a little sponge filled with an unimaginable curiosity and a thirst for learning. She’s picking up new things everyday and sometime we have no idea where she got them. The other day, out of the blue, she just started telling us that a sheep says “ba ba”. She knows a cat says “meams”, a dog says “woo woo”, a cow says “mmmm” and sometimes that a bird says “eeap”. She loves helping with the laundy, mopping the floor and picking up the phone to say “hi”.

She’s such a lovable, sweet baby. There’s no better sound in the world than coming home from work to hear “dada” and baby footsteps racing towards the door. She loves to cuddle up with a book and blanket and will take a couple steps backwards to plop down as close as possible to Mom and Dad. She says “hi” to everybody in sight and she’s even starting to recognize her little friends.

Amelia’s trying so hard to communicate and so far, she’s been pretty successful. She has about 15 different words and 6 different signs. Combined with some determined pointing, she can pretty much get her point across.

All this curiosity and development is not without peril. In keeping with thirst for knowledge, Amelia wants to get into EVERYTHING. We couldn’t ask for a more well behaved baby though, she’s great about doing what we ask and not getting into places she shouldn’t. When she’s escaped our view and started to climb the stairs, she’ll stop on the first stair and call out to let us know we should come see what she’s up to.

All this change has brought out a fun loving, light hearted exuberant personality. This child is virtually always in a good mood. She loves a good game of hide and seek, exploring the playground, putting things on her head, pestering animals and bringing out the goofball in everybody around her.

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Humphrey Turns 100

This is the 100th post to the Humphrey Chronicles! What better way to celebrate than with a little video:

Amelia playing with some of her favorite toys recently.

Amelia’s first music recital.

Some footage of our trip to Florida back in October 2006….yes, I know the video says Oct 2005, but I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that it is now 2007!

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