Public Displays of Affection

Virtually gone are the days of a snuggly, cuddly baby who will sleep in your arms, nuzzle on your shoulder and melt into your chest. Instead, fierce independence and constant activity rule the day. Playing is quickly outpacing cuddling as the activity of choice. I treasure the few nights when I still get to rock Amelia to sleep as I know each one could be my last. Fortunately she’s developing other ways to show her affection. On the occasions where she will nuzzle up on a shoulder, if you rub and pat her back, she will sometimes reciprocate in kind on your back.

Today, Amelia saw her friend Maya for the first time in about three weeks….potentially the longest they’ve ever been apart. Beth sat Amelia down next to Maya. Amelia reached over, put her arm on Maya’s shoulder, leaned in and gave her a big kiss!

Speaking of fierce independence and constant activity, it’s worth mentioning for posterity that diaper and clothes changes have turned from relatively simple affairs to all out WWF-style baby wrestling smack downs. Seriously, this little girl can wiggle and move like no other. In this battle of wills, the Mommy-Daddy tag team is still undefeated, but Amelia holds her own in the one-on-one battles.

The countdown to chaos has officially begun. Despite our best efforts to keep her gounded, walking seems inevitable. Maya has been setting the bar with full room crossings and today there was 20 seconds of unsupported standing. Standing today, strolling tomorrow, ugh, what have we gotten ourselves into?

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