If I’m gonna be a pancake, I might as well entertain myself

Two funny things to report from yesterday:

Beth’s morning walk with Celeste and the babies started off like any other, a ride to the park, an exchange of pleasantries, stocking up the strollers and loading up the babies. Just when she thought everything was set, Beth turned around to find the stroller collapsed back up with Amelia inside squished like a pancake! Turns out those things snap into place for a reason!

Later in the day we took Amelia for an exciting trip to the appliance store. Almost as if she knew of the boredom ahead, the whole way over there, she played peek-a-boo with herself in the mirror. She would look in her baby mirror, pull her blanket up over her face, then pull it away and giggle. I wish I was that easily entertained!

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