Dinner and a Doc

So Tuesday started out like any other day. A big slimy poop in the diaper, some Cheerios and bananas for breakfast, some play here and there and a few good naps. I had an easy job of afternoon baby duty while Amelia napped and then the three of us met up with some friends for dinner (one of whom had to go to the hospital the prior Tuesday). She’d been droopy and sleeping a lot over the past day or so, but we didn’t think anything of it…really, we just enjoyed the extra sleep.

After dinner the guys went out for ice cream (Cold Stone of course) while the girls went back to the house to gather the baby presents we were going to deliver to Rachel and Shannon. Chris and I returned to the house with glee in our eyes (it was time for ice cream and presents), but to our dismay the girls were in a panic. Turns out somebody thought to take Amelia’s temperature and it was 104.5.

So, I’m thinking, “give her some Tylenol, let’s eat”. But somebody has the bright idea to call the pediatrician who tells us she needs to go to the emergency room. Bummer. (ok, so I admit, calling the doctor was a good idea, but come on, this was Cold Stone).

Beth and I get off the phone with the doctor and head upstairs ready to wisk little Amelia away to the hospital…first though we need to get her out of the bathtub. Jonie, Jenny and Chris thought it might be a good idea to put her in a cold bath. Personally, I would have just given her some (of Beth’s) cold ice cream.

So we get to the hospital, checked in and back to the room. We look up, and there’s Terri…or um, Dr. Theresa S. White…pediatrician, Amelia’s godmother and hero of the day. Sweet! We’ve got our own private doctor. Really there’s nothing like having a private doctor stay in the room with you the whole time, talk you through the treatment and tell you the moment they’ve eliminated everything that can kill a baby. Seriously, it was awesome. I highly recommend a full time private pediatrician to anybody who can afford it, or anybody that has an awesome doctor friend who will drive twenty minutes at the drop of a hat and then sit with you in the ER for most of the night!

Another thing that is awesome is hospital grade rectal thermometers! The home jobbies just don’t cut it. You gotta stick them in and leave them there for at least a minute. Hospital grade, seven seconds tops. Fifty-three fewer seconds of jabbing a stick up your squirming and crying babies derrière is certainly worth the cost of proper equipment.

Oh yeah, anyways. SHE’S FINE. Did I forget to mention that earlier? Apparently it’s just a virus and all we can do is let it run its course. She’s still droopy and sick, but there’s nothing to worry about. And yes, in case you were wondering, I did get to eat my ice cream…but not until the next night.

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