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Amelia in Motion

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Video of Amelia in motion

I’ve been wanting to write a blog entry lately about how Amelia’s sense of presence has seemed to increase greatly lately. She’s more aware of her particular whether you or not you are paying attention to her (should you not be, you are usually reminded of her presence with a loud “ah”). All she wants to do is walk around holding our fingers. Sometime she won’t even sit. If you go to put her down, she stiffens up her legs and does everything she can to get into the coveted standing position. This child wants to move.

Amelia’s crib is now her new favorite play place; waking up is a joy. She doesn’t have a lot of toys, nor does she relish the quiet alone time…instead she’s learned that there are 101 different ways for her to sit, kneel and stand in her crib. The bumper pad and bars make perfect little helpers for a girl who hasn’t quite figured out balance yet. The other night, before we knew what she was up to, we heard this loud BANG at about 5 am, followed by a loud WAAAA. Panicked, we thought the crib broke, or something fell. Turns out it was Amelia who fell, head first into the end of the crib. We didn’t figure that out until the next day when we went in there and saw her standing. Time to get the wrench out and lower that crib.

Amelia’s been experimenting with different contortions of her body in a desperate attempt to get around. She’s found a little butt wiggle that can get her a few inches. On a good day, when I’m lying down, she can stand up while holding my leg and waddle up to my head. This is what led to the bruise on her head in the video…she pulled up on my leg, then threw herself right over the leg, head first into the bookshelf.

This child has been desperate to move, but up until Thursday really hadn’t accomplished much. That is when she first decided to crawl….if you can call it that…it looks more like a frog with a broken leg, waddling in the mud…but it gets the job done. She is now fully mobile and you can’t keep her in one place. She’d been crawling for less than 12 hours before she broke her first decoration and got stepped on by Dad.

On another note, the “I Love Daddy 2006 Campaign” has ramped up and is now neck and neck with the “Mamma’s My Favorite 206 Campaign”. This child babbles non stop in equal part “ma ma” and “da da” syllables. The latest poll had the “ma” syllables at 47% with the “da” syllables at 44% with the dark horse “ba” slipping in at 2% and the remaining 7% consisting of squeals, whimpers and other miscellaneous sounds. I made two trips to Florida recently. Beth thinks I was on business, but I was really cronnying up with the local election officials.

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Summer Fun

The weather’s getting hot and the pool is getting busy. Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks.

Playing with the dogs

Pool playdate with Ayden and Maya – check out Ayden putting the moves on Amelia, this kid is slick!

Amelia got dunked under water for the first time today. She was a little shocked, but mostly took it in stride.

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First time in the pool and meeting the dogs

We took Amelia in the pool for the first time this morning. She loved it!

Grandma Nette Nette and Grandpa Skip got a couple puppies. Amelia got to meet Bear and Shammie for the first time the other night. She was a bit skeptical at first, but she’s growing to love them.

Finally got around to putting up all the pics from London and Italy.

Got some video of Amelia in the pool too…we looked like a news crew lugging the camera, vidwo camera and a thousand other things down to the pool.

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