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A Sound Defeat in the Primaries

It’s election time here in Williamson County. In such a predominantly red county, the Republican primary often determines the entire race. Today I feel as though I am doomed to the fate of a fledging Democrat. Since before she was born, I’ve been oh-so-subtly chiming “I love Daddy, I love Daddy” as a not-so-subliminal way of encouraging Amelia’s first word to reflect her affections for the strong male influence in her life. There’s been some intense competition between Beth and I for Amelia’s first word (so intense that I don’t even know if Beth realized she was competing). Yesterday, I was dealt a stunning blow…almost as bad as being caught with an intern. While not really a word, Amelia’s favorite new sound is “ma”. She repeats it over and over and over. I’ve mentioned before that she likes to try to sing along with the choir at church, well, last night it was a symphony of “ma’s”. To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (honestly, it was close), we had “Ma, ma ma, ma, ma ma ma, mom mom mom, mom, mom mom. Ma, ma ma, ma, ma ma ma, mom mom mom, mom, mom mom”. I’m not giving up until the fat lady sings (or the chubby baby talks), but my campaign is going to have to start working overtime!

PS – It looks like the woman won again…how have they stayed in power for so long? I’m not a big fan of Hillary, but if we let her be in charge of the country, do you think we men could be in charge or the household?

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Second tooth arrived on April 24. It looks just like the first one.

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Presenting My Cracker

We’ve tried not to let Amelia slow us down much and we still find ourselves eating out just as much now as we did before she arrived (which is way too much). Lately, she’s started to outgrow the car seat and has wound up more often than not in the high chair (always with something wedged in behind her so she’ll fit). That sounds all well and good, but it mostly just means that Amelia wants to play with everything she sees on the big people table. Mostly, that means straws, plastic lids, spoons and the occasional half and half (toys just never suffice, besides we can’t leave those all over the restaurant floor). That is, until we discovered these great “made for teething crackers”. Amelia’s first cracker seemed to keep her occupied for a good ten minutes while we scarfed down our sandwiches. What they don’t say on the box is that towards the end, these crackers disintegrate into perfectly sized baby chokers. Just as we were finishing up our free ice cream (the best part of Jason’s Deli), we heard a little cough, followed by a big cough, followed by a full on choking episode (ok, most people would just call it a cough, but we’ve got a little creative license as parents). Being the conscientious parents that we are, we finished our ice cream as Amelia learned to deal with the problem on her own. It will never read as funny as it sounded, but it went something like “cough, cough, cough, COUGH, COUGH, cough, coo, splat” and then, sitting beautifully perched on Amelia’s little lips, like a sacred gift to be displayed, was the perfect little choker cracker and one proud little baby!

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Requests and Dedications

Somewhere along the line, I lost control of my own blog. Here is an entry made completely at the behest of my sister Julie.

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