Cinco De Bumpo

Last night we decided to go out for some dinner with friends and family. Unbeknownst to us, it was Cinco De Mayo and we picked a semi-Mexican restaurant to eat at (well Chilli‚Äôs isn’t really Mexican but they do have good margaritas, so it kind of counts). We all had a great time, Amelia felt like one of the gang and we even had a margarita or two ourselves. We were sat in a small room along with a batchorette party and a separate bunch of rowdy male friends. They were definitely living it up, but other than the noise, they were pleasant company. By the time we got ready to leave, Amelia had had enough, and was starting to get a bit fussy. She’d been a trooper all night, so on the way out I decided to give her a ride on my shoulders (a new favorite). As I stood up, Amelia caught the eyes of the bachelorette party and we heard a few oos and ahhs amongst the revelry. Since the bachelorette party had the eyes of the guys, they all turned to look at Amelia too. After I took about two steps towards the door, there was a quick hush, followed by an audible gasp…then, a loud round of cheers…the crowd went wild! Of course, I was oblivious and figured I just missed some inside joke. That is, until two steps later when the waitress stopped to tell me I just rammed Amelia’s head into a cardboard sign dangling from the ceiling (thus the hush and gasp). Not to worry though, MY little girl just took it in stride and kept on smiling, not a whimper, not a frown, she just wanted to keep riding! I’ll cheer for that too!

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