Easter 2006

The weeks of Amelia’s first Easter was chock full of milestones and new pastimes.

On Monday, her first tooth finally poked through. We knew it was on its way, but I found out for sure when she scratched the bottom of my nose while sucking on it. Yes, sucking on my nose is Amelia’s new favorite pastime. We’re hoping this passes soon.

On Tuesday, we put Amelia in a high chair for the first time. Overall it went well, but her new posture gave her a new sense of entitlement. All of a sudden, she wants to be part of the meal with everybody else. Eating a burrito and entertaining a child takes a whole lot more talent that chewing gum and walking. We’re learning, but for now, it looks like there is going to be a lot of junk on the restaurant floors.

On Wednesday, Amelia directly imitated somebody for the first time. Grandma would clap her hands and Amelia would respond in kind. Well…at least she tried…clapping would be generous, let’s go with, banging her fists together in a rhythmic motion. Around the same time, she started getting the biggest kick out of shaking her head back and forth, like she’s saying “no”. It looks like an imitation, but she’s way too spoiled to have picked up on “no” already!

In another milestone, I think my family from Connecticut has now officially visited more times in the few months post-baby than in the few years pre-baby! No big surprise there, we’re always thrilled to see them.

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