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She’s Getting a Reputation

Lately Amelia’s taken to grabbing at everything she gets within range of. The one thing that’s always in range and provides a never ending source of fascination is her feet. It seems like every time we turn around, there’s a foot in her mouth and a sock (or two) cast by the wayside. The other day, Amelia decided that her feet were getting boring…so she decided to try sucking on another baby’s foot instead.

The whole rolling over thing we thought happened a few weeks ago turned out to be a farce. Try as we might, we just cannot get this little girl to roll over. Problem is, she just hates being on her stomach. When she’s on her back, who can blame her for not wanting to flip over. When she’s on her stomach, she’s just too darn mad to do anything except yell at us.

At gym class, not everybody can necessarily remember her name, but everybody knows the foot fetish baby who screams on her stomach. I guess we’re all known for something!

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A Sports Fan With Eating Records

That’s right, MY little girl grabbed right for the sports section!

We had lots of fun at the playground today….just don’t ask Amelia to put those sunglasses back on!

Sunday was a breakout day for food consumption. Amelia had water straight from the Dasani bottle, water from her first sippy cup, orange juice from the bottom of Terri’s straw, part of a jar of sweet potatoes, and almost a full jar of apple sauce (her new favorite…well, after Mom).

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Amelia’s Noises

Amelia’s been working on her vowel sounds over the last couple weeks. Every once in a while she comes across one she likes and repeats it over and over. We managed to get a few of the favorites on tape, along with some great laughing and playing.

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Miscellaneous March Madness

Amelia turned 5 (months) this month and we’re already starting to complain that she’s growing up too fast. She’s taken to sitting up without being held and her favorite trick it to stand up holding on to our hands. It seems like every week she finds a new noise to make and she’s even been eating more vegetables than her parents (although the washing machine still gets the majority of them).


Sitting pretty with Mom.

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New to Humphrey Chronicles – Video

I finally got around to figuring out the video camera we’ve had sitting around the house for a year and a half. Here’s some of the video that’s been sitting on the tape.

Amelia’s ultrasound – looks just like her, doesn’t it?

One day old at the hospital….a brief moment between visitor #278 and 279.

A couple months old at the park.

Almost 5 months old eating / splattering cereal.

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Get Instant Blog Notifications

Mom…..Julie….anybody else obsessed with this blog. Click on this link to sign up for instant email notifications whenever the Humphrey Chronicles is updated. You can even get a text message sent to your mobile phone…for Verizon customers, use the email address

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Sweet Potato River Friends Playdate at the Zoo

A collection of pictures from:

Amelia’s First Trip to the Zoo

Her first taste of sweet potatoes, a dip in the river, and a new friend from really far away.

A playdate with yet another new friend and a fun Uncle…followed up by some carrots for dessert.

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