Valentine’s Day at the Gym

Valentine’s Day just might not be the same after kids are around. Amelia had a blast at her gym class today. She’s doing great with her class, getting stronger everyday, and even nailed a perfect 10, with the double lutz dismount on the mini-tramp this week. We celebrated as a family with a romantic dinner at the good ‘ole Steak ‘N Shake…together with Rachel and Shannon…nothing’s quite as romantic as greasy burgers and fries with a party of five. At least they had free chocolate whipped cream for the milk shakes on special. Oh, yeah, and huge news on the developmental milestones today…Amelia outgrew her first hat today…come on brain growth!

  1. #1 by Sean Ticknor at February 17th, 2006

    OH My God!!!!

    She is soooo big, as proven by the impressive stats. as shown in the previous post.

    She looks like a natural summer olymian for the gymnastics floor routine. Watch out Romania!

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