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Baptized into the Kingdom of God and Hershey

We had a big weekend with Amelia last week. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Julie, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa all came down to visit. Anytime that happens, there’s bound to be a bunch of pictures. I prepared for the onslaught with a new lens for our camera. I’ve long been jealous of the great pictures on Tim’s blog and his recommendation turned out to be right on.

Old Lens – New Lens

Amelia seemed to get over her stranger anxiety and had a great time visiting with the entire family. Like always, it was a great visit…even if we spent half the time just taking pictures of Amelia. Everybody seemed to have a great time, but we may have bored Great-Grandpa a bit so he decided to walk into our neighbor’s house instead of ours.

The Baptism went great. Amelia seemed to like the initial dunking, but she didn’t like it so much with Father Ed took her back out of the water. I think she thought he was trying to cut her bath short. It was so nice to have so many friends and family there for the event.

Everybody gathered at the Bowie’s after church for a little get together. All the ladies were angling and positioning to get a hold of Amelia. Wise ole Great Grandma just sat back and stayed out of the fray. When the moment was right, she made her move and swooped in with a finger full of frosting for the baby. Before we knew what was happening, Amelia’s sweet tooth was fully developed completing Great Grandma’s initiation into the Kingdom of Hershey.

Amelia looked like a little angel in her Baptismal gown. The gown was actually Auntie Julie’s Baptismal gown that was made for her by her Godmother.

Even before Great Grandma slipped her the sugar, we had planned to try some solid foods with Amelia this weekend. While not as exciting as frosting, we thought some rice cereal would provide some good entertainment for the guests. Amelia wasn’t really sure what was going on, but she didn’t seem too mind much.

The highlight of the feeding had to be the world record snot bubble Amelia conjured up. I think she’s practicing to be a model later in life…but if it were me, I’ll take the bubble on the left any day!

On the last day everybody was in town, we all went to My Gym for Amelia’s class. Outside of gym class, Amelia had a couple other physical achievements. We all got to watch her roll over for the first time on Monday (from front to back…yes, Mike wins the bet). She also discovered her feet and she’s been having a blast trying to finally get them into her mouth.

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Valentine’s Day at the Gym

Valentine’s Day just might not be the same after kids are around. Amelia had a blast at her gym class today. She’s doing great with her class, getting stronger everyday, and even nailed a perfect 10, with the double lutz dismount on the mini-tramp this week. We celebrated as a family with a romantic dinner at the good ‘ole Steak ‘N Shake…together with Rachel and Shannon…nothing’s quite as romantic as greasy burgers and fries with a party of five. At least they had free chocolate whipped cream for the milk shakes on special. Oh, yeah, and huge news on the developmental milestones today…Amelia outgrew her first hat today…come on brain growth!

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The Teddy Shirt Shoot

We took a couple pictures of Amelia in her teddy bear outfit after her four month check-up. She received another good report card from Dr. Bennie. The latest stats:

14 lbs 4oz – 67th percentile
25 inches – 79th percentile
20.25 cm head – 30th percentile

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