Sleep at last! Sleep at last! Thanks God Almighty, we can sleep at last!

Our emergence from the world of the living dead is finally eminent! Amelia slept for a record breaking 8.5 hours last night, which, by my account, constitutes a full night’s rest! Now, let’s not get too excited just yet. Just because Amelia slept through the night doesn’t mean that Dad is well rested. We still have to work on getting Mom to sleep through the night…take last night for example:

Bedtime + 6 hours: “Hon…hey hon…are you awake”, “Now I am”, “Did you just hear her fuss”, “No…maybe it was the ice maker”

+6.5 hours: “Hon, hey hon…are you awake”, “No”, “I’m worried about her”, “Ok”

+7 hours: “Hon…hey hon”, “What now?”, “Don’t you have to go to the bathroom?”, “No, go check on her yourself”

+7.5 hours: “Hon…”, “What, I’m still awake!”, “Are you sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom?”

+8 hours: “I’m gonna have to pump”

+8.49 hours: “Maybe I’ll go see if she’s stirring”, “zzzzz”
+8.5 hours: “Hon…hey hon…she’s stirring, I’ll just wake her up. And guess what, she did a 180 in her crib last night!”

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