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I have a big body, a little head, and….ouchy!

Amelia had her first set of shots at the pediatrician’s office yesterday. It was definitely more traumatic for Mom than it was for baby. She did get a little red and forget to breath for a minute, but she calmed right down afterwards and had a great night of sleep (Amelia did pretty well too). We can’t say enough good things about the folks over at Harpeth Peds. Dr. Bennie took 15 minutes to just sit and chat with us about how things are going and the nurse that stuck Amelia looked like a pro, she had three needles prepped, in, and out in the blink of an eye.

Amelia got a good report card this time around. 75th percentile for height and weight, but only the 25th percentile for head size. Mom was thankful for the small head 8 weeks ago, but now it’s time to get that brain growing!

Amelia’s going to have her first sleep over with Grandma Nette Nette and Grandpa Skip tomorrow night while Beth and I go to her company Christmas party. Beth’s been storing up bottles for weeks and Nette Nette is desperately fighting off pneumonia so she won’t miss the chance to baby-sit.

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The Baby Bridge

Trying to get a little artsy

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Playing with the new camera – The Many Faces of Amelia

We bought ourselves the new Cannon Digital Rebel XT as an early Christmas present and I think it will be one of the best investments in memories we could ever make. We’ve had a lot of fun playing with the camera over the last few days and it has taken some great pictures.

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Thanksgiving in Florida

At almost the last minute, we decided to join Beth’s family and some friends in a trip to Florida. We’re glad we decided to make the trip. We had a great time and Amelia did great in the car…I think we had to stop more for me than for her!

Amelia saw her first Santa Claus in the Seaside Christmas lighting parade. We fried a turkey, which in the end was great, but the best part was definitely the process which involved two missions to find an open store, a dump truck full of sand, a wandering band of rednecks on the lawn, a healthy dose of beer, and an answer to the eternal question “how many Rusticis/Bowies/Immordes does it take to light a fryer?”. Beth accidentally tried to disown me from the family and we even got some great pictures for the Christmas card.

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