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Posin With My Pumpkin

Well, this should be the last of the pumpkin outfits for a while…stay tuned for Thanksgiving outfits coming soon…if you’re lucky, you might even get a Veterans Day outfit thrown in next weekend! Too bad we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters to see Amelia all dressed up.

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Smashing Pumpkins

With Halloween being Amelia’s first holiday we’ve been given a number of festive outfits to dress her up in. Amelia spent this entire weekend dressed as a pumpkin in one outfit or another. Naturally, we felt the need to take a few pictures. Being the intelligent people that we are, Beth and I figured it would be cute to take Amelia’s picture among the pumpkins on the front stoop (yes, the concrete stoop). We propped her up the best we could and began the photo shoot. If you look at the pictures, you’ll notice Amelia gradually slipping down, bit by bit. We figured this was natural for a 2 and a half week old who can’t even hold up her head. What we didn’t realize was that the keystone of our support arrangement was the little pumpkin that could barely hold itself up, never mind Amelia. As you can probably guess by now, the pumpkin rolled and Amelia fell back onto the concrete. So there you have it, our first serious parenting mishap, smashing our little pumpkin’s head on the concrete! Fortunately, our pride and confidence were hurt more than Amelia’s head.

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First Real Bath

Well she didn’t like it all that much, but we gave Amelia her first real bath in her big girl tub today. Beth used a little too much soap so she was a bit hard to handle. Looks like we’ve got some work to do figuring this one out.

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Lost the cord, but found the thumb!

It’s been a big day for Amelia. She lost her umbilical cord, but she found the thumb she’s been searching for all week!


We have a belly button!

Cord’s gone and the belly button is here, now, will we get an inny or an outy

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She’s Too Young To Be Growing Up Too Quick

It’s so cliché, but it’s amazing how fast they grow up. Amelia’s only two weeks old and she’s already starting to change. Her face is a bit longer and more mature, her cheeks are puffier, her neck is stronger and I swear she’s getting smarter. She’s definitely figured out that my little finger is no substitute for Mom when it comes time for dinner! We’re starting to figure each other out and Amelia is starting to develop her routine…sleep, eat, awake, repeat. Amelia’s been out on the town a bunch this week. She’s had her first trip to church, burritos at Moe’s, shopping at Wal-mart (with Mom) and Lowe’s (with Dad).

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The First Report Card

Our pediatrician sent over Amelia’s percentiles today from her first check up.

Weight – 51st percentile
Length – 76th percentile
Head Size – 25th percentile

Overall, right about average. I guess no news is good news.

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The Luge

We tried putting Amelia in her baby swing for a while today. She seemed content while we were watching TV but after a while we noticed a squeamish look on her face. We picked her up and she was stiff as a board…she looked like an Olympian on the luge. We got a big kick out of our little athlete, but I think we’ll stick with the Baby Papasan for a while.

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First Trip to the Doctor

We had our first trip to the doctor’s office this morning and got a very good report card. Amelia actually weighs 2oz more than her birth weight…a full week ahead of schedule! Her lungs are fully cleared up and everything is looking great.

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Grandma Rustici and Auntie Julie Come to Visit

It’s not all that surprising, but Mom and Julie just couldn’t wait until their scheduled November visit to meet little Amelia. We’re so glad that they made a special trip to Nashville the first weekend that Amelia was home. We had a great time with them and they were such a great help…from cooking lasagna and waffles (two different meals) to keeping Amelia at night so we could get some much needed rest. They even babysat for a while when we took our first solo excursion…a trip to Target to “pink up” Amelia’s wardrobe. We can’t wait to see them again in a couple weeks when they come back with Grandpa and Uncle Steve.

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